Cala Llonga

Property Code: AGR-CTXMUE
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Discover the Timeless Elegance and Rural Charm of Agriturismo in Cala Llonga, Ibiza. Private elegant holiday suites in amazing Farmhouse villa in Cala Llonga (Santa Eulalia), with more than 160,000m of agricultural land, orchard and pine forest.

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Discover the Timeless Elegance and Rural Charm of Agroturismo Can Toni Xumeu in Cala Llonga, Ibiza

A Harmonious Blend of History and Luxury

Nestled at a high point on the slope of a hill, the accommodation stands on natural rock foundations, thoughtfully integrating the topography to preserve the fertile lands for cultivation. The south-facing entrance welcomes the continuous sunlight, sheltering the estate from the northern winds and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Each junior suite and suite at the property exudes the authentic Ibizan style, with sabina wood ceilings, large white walls, private entrances, and terraces. The allocation of these unique accommodations depends on availability upon arrival, ensuring a personalized experience for every guest.

Top Views and Amenities

The agriturismo estate boasts a range of luxurious amenities, including comfortable junior suites, a suite, a charming bar-restaurant, and a large swimming pool with splendid views. Guests can enjoy the convenience of a reception, private parking, and several mountain trails for excursions and hiking, where they can explore four old lime kilns and extensive gardens with breathtaking views over the beaches of Cala Llonga and Salt d’en Serra.

Strategically located, the property is a mere 12km from the city of Ibiza, 18km from Ibiza airport, 6.5km from Santa Eulalia, and 2.5km from the Ibiza golf course, where guests have access and the opportunity to play.

The Best Rural Ibiza Experience at the Best Price

The accommodation is committed to providing an exceptional rural experience at the best price. Our guests are treated to the harmony and peace of the Ibizan countryside, with the assurance of the best price guaranteed when booking directly through our official website.

Indulge in the slow food movement with meals prepared from the freshest ingredients sourced from our land and local farmers. Our restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine that celebrates the rich flavors of Ibiza, all while you dine amidst the tranquil beauty of our estate.

Connect with Nature and Local Culture

The surrounding area of Cala Llonga offers a picturesque bay with precious views, a fine sandy beach, and hills of pine trees on both sides. The crystal-clear, shallow waters make it an ideal spot for families, while the lack of wind and strong sun appeal to those looking to return home with a perfect tan.

For those seeking to explore, Santa Eulalia is a treasure trove of experiences, from its beautiful white-washed church to the climb up Puig de Missa for amazing views. The old Ibiza Town is just a short journey away, offering a glimpse into the island's rich history and vibrant culture.

Restaurant KINANA

After two years working hand in hand and side by side, Álvaro Benito and Antonio García, two young chefs, position themselves at the forefront of an ambitious project in haute and cosmopolitan Ibizan cuisine. They arrive at the wonderful and exclusive Agroturismo Can Toni Xumeu to open the KinAnA Restaurant.
A place to spend a beautiful evening as a couple, with friends or family, which will make it an unforgettable experience, both gastronomic and sensory. In their modernist and signature haute cuisine, they wink at other cuisines in the world, working with top-quality local products.
Their own garden makes the expression "from garden to table" true and authentic.

The property is not just a holiday destination; it's a journey back in time to a more peaceful era, where luxury and nature coexist in perfect harmony. We invite you to experience the best rural retreat in Ibiza, where every detail is curated to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

Book now to secure your slice of paradise at the best price, and let us welcome you to the authentic heart of Ibiza in Can Toni Xumeu.

Junior Suite

breakfast included

One bedroom with king size bed, living room with a sofa , bathroom with shower, terrace , flat screen TV with satellite, fridge, kettle water and coffee maker, air conditioning and heating, safe, amenities , hair dryer ,free Wi-Fi and daily cleaning service.


breakfast included
The suite, spanning 40 square meters with a 59 square meter terrace, offers a blend of comfort and luxury. It features an open design with a king-size bed, sofa bed, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. Amenities include a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, coffee/tea maker, air conditioning, heating, safe, hairdryer, and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a pleasant stay.


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BREKFAST INCLUDED. Restaurant: - The restaurant at Can Toni Xumeu serves delicious local cuisine, using fresh and organic ingredients. - Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, including traditional Ibicenco recipes and Mediterranean cuisine. - The restaurant has a charming terrace with stunning views of the countryside, perfect for a romantic dinner or a relaxing lunch.
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Property Details
  • Type: rural hotel
  • Traditional Ibizan fincas farmhouses. Rustic elegance with a relaxing charm!
  • Rural hotel located in the heart of Ibiza // Cala Llonga. Surrounded by beautiful nature that offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Up to 2 tranquil guests
  • Code: AGR-CTXMUE
  • Town: Cala Llonga
  • Available since: 06/2019
  • Page update: April
  • Accommodation address disclosed after reservation
  • You'll get the booking documentation 2 days before the check-in. Learn more
Good to know
  • No Minimum Stay
  • No Security Deposit Required
  • Check-in: From 12:00
    Check-out: 12:00

  • Tourism tax: around 3€ night / guest
  • Licence: 2018020157

All junior suites / suites are of Ibizan style with sabina wood ceilings, large white walls, private entrance and private terrace. Each junior suite is unique and the allocation of each will depend on availability upon arrival.

Property surrounded by agricultural land, orchard, and a pine forest

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Surf Experience the junior suite (2 adults) | the best and the cheapest 1 bedroom apartments in Ibiza!

Experience the junior suite (2 adults)

Monthly Visits 1,499

Surf Experience the suite (2 adults) | the best and the cheapest 1 bedroom apartments in Ibiza!

Experience the suite (2 adults)

Monthly Visits 1,499

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Traditional Ibizan fincas farmhouses. Rustic elegance with a relaxing charm!

Rural hotel located in the heart of Ibiza // Cala Llonga. Surrounded by beautiful nature that offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Wow wonderful expierence!

Stayed here for a week with my partner and it was amazing. The place is a little piece of heaven on earth and everything is impeccable! The staff is very friendly and the ladies do everything to make your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible. They reserved the best spots in restaurants even when they are fully booked. It is a small venue (only 5 casitas) and it provides enough privacy. Beautiful room, however very moist in spring season. Would be great if the conditioner was put on before we arrived. Very good breakfast. Some points of attention: for breakfast it would be great to have some choice to order. We stayed for 8 days and I would love to order some porridge or another style of eggs. Out of season it is was very chilly in the restaurant with the doors open and only one heater. In the room: it had a kitchenette but no cuttlery or plates, we asked for it, so it was no problem.
Would highly recommend fot couples, very romantic ;)

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Location: Cala Llonga
Property Code: AGR-CTXMUE

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