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When and how you get the travel documentation

Once the reservation is confirmed, the system will automatically send you the booking documentation, with property address, property name where available,  check in/out instructions etc, 2 days before the check-in

The travel documents include: 

  • The Official voucher (and the only voucher) to show at the check-in
  • The property address and exact location (where available GPS coordinates)
  • The documents to show at the checkin (ex. passport, ID, Visas, credit card where required)
  • Any phone number you need   

Is not possible to send details prior the checkin since this task is fully automated by our CRM software.

Please read the arrival instructions on your voucher carefully so that you can find your accommodation easily and start your holiday as soon as possible.

REMEMBER: you’ll get the travel documents  2 days before the check-in

If you are an extra EU Traveller your documents will be ready after 1 business day for Visa purpose. A human agent will send the documents via @ and not as usual trough our system 2 days before the check-in.

If you need to book on our website follow these easy instructions

Discover the perfect holiday property in Ibiza and book it promptly, as our smart pricing strategy may result in rapid fare fluctuations.

  • We have hundrends of properties in Ibiza and usually the best price on the internet
  • Where available, you can make your reservation now and settle the payment upon arrival at check-in.
  • Where available, you have the option to divide the payment into two parts – an initial payment made at the time of booking, and the remaining balance payable later.
  • 24/7 customer service available also on WhatsApp
  • Guarantee for the best price that cannot be offered by other websites.

If you’re not familiar with vacation rentals, what you are essentially doing is privately renting a property on a short or long-term basis from the individual owner or a company (in most cases) who has listed the property on LeibTour.com

This process is similar to the Airbnb platform, where you send a booking request and have to wait for the host’s approval.

REMEMBER: Use only a valid credit card number for your reservation.

Once you have finished making your reservation, a LeibTour representative will reach out to you if there are any issues with the payment to our suppliers.

  1. You need a valid credit card to finalize your reservation, otherwise it will be automatically cancelled when the time is over.

  2. If the credit card holder is different from the reservation holder, fill up the authorization form and send it to booking@leibtour.com

We are able to guarantee a wide availability of accommodation even in high season thanks to several reasons.

Firstly, we work with an extensive network of partners and vacation rental owners, which allow us to offer a wide choice of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Secondly, we have exclusive contracts like the big Tour Operators, which allow us to have greater flexibility.

Thirdly, many of the managers and owners we work with are close friends and help us maintain a good level of availability even during high season.

Finally, some of the accommodations offered on leibtour.com are owned by us, and therefore we can guarantee their availability at any time of the year at prices that are always lower than than those of large websites (OTA)

We understand that flexibility is key for our customers.

That’s why we offer a Partial Payment option for certain bookings, where available. This allows you to secure your reservation by paying a portion of the total cost upfront and the rest at a later date. Please note that the balance must be paid in full by the specified due date to avoid cancellation of your booking with corresponding fees. It is the responsibility of the customer to remember this date as we do not send out reminders for the completion of payment.

When you book and pay

We aim to give you always the best fare possible. For this reason all the reservations must be approved by our booking department after checking price and availability. Once you complete the booking process, including the Credit card details, the booking status is still “PENDING” and need to be confirmed.

This process is similar to Airbnb, where you send a booking request and have to wait for the host’s approval.

Manual Processing

When we receive a reservation either from our booking engine, by phone or by other channels, our booking department process the credit card informations and then manually confirm the reservation.

You’ll receive an automatic e-mail  with the confirmation of your reservation at the end of the process.

Accommodation address disclosed after reservation

You’ll receive an automatic e-mail with GPS coordinates and full address. For privacy and security reasons the address will be shown only after the booking.

Our system will send you a timely reminder email two days before your scheduled departure. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you!

If you need a custom quotation simply follow these 5 steps

NrPlnn2 - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza


let us know all the requested details for your holiday (how many guests, preferred area, budget etc). Remember with our Combo Deals you save up to €250!

LUmWEWl - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza


We will get in touch with you as soon as we can, usually less than a few hours.

SKBbCGP - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza


You will get a clear, official email with all the conditions – no hide costs, no bad surprises – and just have to accept it.

- LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza


Follow our agent instruction to confirm the reservation (usually by making a down payment).

rtLHbzV - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza


You will receive an official reservation voucher with all the check in info. Just save it on your phone and enjoy your stay

We accept different modes of payment:

  • Crypto currencies handled through the platform BitPay the global bitcoin payment service provider (Bitcoin, Ethereum).
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash [where available]
  • PayPal [where available]

We use SSL encryption to keep your data secure. Depending on your browser, you might notice your address bar will display a lock

What is a payment authorization (or deposit)?

When a charge (or payment) is authorized, the funds are guaranteed by the card issuer and the amount held on the customer’s card for. If the charge is not captured, the authorization is canceled and funds released.

For credit cards: An authorization generally won’t show on your statement, though sometimes it will show as a pending charge. When the trip is booked, the authorization will be converted into a charge on your account. If the trip is not booked, the authorization will be released. Funds will typically be released to your credit account within one business day, but may take longer depending on your bank and the duration period of the authorization.

For debit cards: An authorization is generally treated as a withdrawal. The funds will be unavailable during the period of the hold. It may take several days for the funds to reappear and be accessible in your account, depending on your bank’s policies.

Visitor taxes and resort fees are never included in the room rates.

Leibtour.com offers two payment options for your convenience. You can choose to pay the full amount upfront, ensuring that your booking is secure and confirmed. Alternatively, we also offer a partial payment option, allowing you to pay only a portion of the total amount.

Please note that with the partial payment option, there is a risk of cancellation if the remaining payment is not completed.

We will not send any additional reminders, so it is your responsibility to ensure that the full payment is made to avoid cancellation.

Choose the payment option that works best for you and let us take care of the rest.

Visitor taxes and resort fees are never included in the room rates.

Why should I book on Leibtour.com instead of other booking platforms, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripadvisor etc?

By booking directly on Leibtour.com, you save on service fees charged by third-party platforms, which can go up to 20%. Additionally, we offer a customized rate and extra services at an exclusive price, making your booking experience more convenient and advantageous.

Moreover, you will benefit from a dedicated customer service and a simplified booking process, without intermediaries that can slow down or complicate your request.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of holiday apartments and accommodations in Ibiza, all verified and guaranteed by us, to ensure an unforgettable vacation.

Below you can find our 3 main cancellation policies.

Please visit our policy page for deeper informations:

– NOT REFUNDABLE FARE: Non-refundable fares generally offer a lower price compared to refundable fares, but they come with stricter cancellation policies.

If you choose a non-refundable fare, you will not be able to cancel your reservation and receive a refund.

This policy is in place to ensure that property owners can secure income and plan for occupancy without worrying about last-minute cancellations. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully review your itinerary and verify that you are comfortable with the travel dates before you make a reservation.

Please note that if you cancel a non-refundable reservation, you will not receive any refunds or credit for future reservations. This policy applies regardless of the reason for the cancellation, including unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accidents, or travel disruptions. We understand that sometimes plans change unexpectedly, so we encourage you to consider opting for other fares with less strict cancellation policies, so you will be protected in case of emergencies or unforeseen events.

– SEMI-FLEXIBLE 30/15/7/3 DAYS: Our semi-flexible 30/15/7/3 days fares offer you a balance between flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

With these fares, you can cancel your reservation up to 30/15/7/3 days before your check-in date and receive a refund of up to 70% of the total reservation cost. This means that you have more time to decide on your travel plans, and you can receive a partial refund if you need to change them.

Please note that if you cancel your reservation within 30/15/7/3 days of your check-in date, you will not receive a refund.

This policy is in place to ensure that property owners can plan for occupancy and secure income. However, if you need to modify your reservation, we may be able to assist you with rebooking your stay for different dates or a different property, subject to availability and applicable fees.

It’s important to remember that semi-flexible 30/15/7/3 days fares are different from non-refundable fares. Semi-flexible fares offer some level of flexibility, but they still come with certain limitations and conditions. We recommend that you carefully review your itinerary and travel plans before making a reservation and choosing a fare type.

– FLEXIBLE FARE: Our fully flexible fare offers you complete flexibility and peace of mind when making your travel plans. With this fare, you can cancel your reservation at any time prior to 3 days before your check-in date and receive a full refund of the total reservation cost. This means that you have the freedom to change your travel plans as needed, without worrying about losing your reservation fee.

Please note that if you cancel your reservation within 3 days of your check-in date, you will not receive a refund. This policy is in place to ensure that property owners can plan for occupancy and secure income. However, if you need to modify your reservation within 3 days of your check-in date, we may be able to assist you with rebooking your stay for different dates or a different property, subject to availability and applicable fees.

It’s important to remember that fully flexible fare is different from non-refundable and semi-flexible fares. While fully flexible fares offer complete flexibility, they often come with a higher price tag than non-refundable or semi-flexible fares. We recommend that you carefully review your itinerary and travel plans before making a reservation and choosing a fare type.

Pay with a bank transfer to get our absolute lowest fare!

Bank transfers  have several benefits compared to credit card payments:

  1. Lower fees: Bank transfers generally have lower processing fees compared to credit card payments.
  2. Increased security: Bank transfers are typically considered to be more secure than credit card payments, as they are not as susceptible to fraud and identity theft.
  3. Direct access to funds: When you receive a payment through a bank transfer, the funds are directly deposited into your bank account, allowing you to access the money quickly and easily.
  4. Wider reach: Bank transfers are widely available and can be used by customers in many countries, even if they don’t have access to credit cards.

Be sure to verify the amount of the discount we offer when selecting a bank transfer as the payment method for your reservation ;)

We create a unique booking for you at the lower rate

Why can’t you honour rates based on cancelled bookings?

As hotel rates are so dynamic, we cannot honour rates based on a cancelled booking. As prices are subject to change, any onward booking would be considered anew and cannot be matched to a pre-existing booking.

We create a unique booking for you at the lower rate, so we can account for all the inclusions, policies and pricing attached to the rate you’ve found – after which we’ll check the reservation with the property. Once this is complete (it can take up to 24 hours to account for time zones), we’ll send it across as soon as it’s all set.

Why can’t you honour error bookings?

Our partners work hard to ensure all rates added to LeibTour.com website are accurate and correctly aligned with their own. We also have checks in place to make sure rates are always correct. However, occasionally there are instances where rates are loaded in error or not properly updated!

How quickly will my booking be confirmed?

Generally, your booking is confirmed almost immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours in some cases, especially if there are time zone differences. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a notification from us.

Sometimes we can hold the booking with no payment for 3 hours

At LeibTour.com, we understand that circumstances may arise that require customers to change or modify their bookings. In order to accommodate these situations, we offer a holding policy for bookings. Under this policy, customers may request to hold a booking for up to (3) three hours without making a payment. However, please note that this policy is subject to availability and does not guarantee the availability of the booking.

We recommend that customers confirm their bookings as soon as possible to ensure the desired date and time are available.

During the high summer season, you may want to consider alternative options such as requiring a deposit or partial payment to hold the booking.

All the accommodations featured on our website have been carefully chosen to ensure that you are able to get the very best out of your holiday!

The “LeibTour rating” you see for the hotel isn’t its official star rating. It’s more like an opinion from the website, based on what guests say and how the price matches the quality you get.

Our ratings are based on our knowledge and customer feedback of the facilities, food and service available at the accommodation, as well as the characteristic differences between accommodation types such as apartments and hotels.

Our ratings are set using a scale of 2 stars through to 5 stars and represent a range from basic, good value, no-frills accommodation to above average, more comfortable accommodation with a wide range of facilities. With the exception of villas, all our accommodation, whatever the rating, is based on a twin or double standard room unless otherwise stated.

We may feature TripAdvisor ratings to help you choose your perfect accommodation.

You must respect the number of guests indicated in your booking

It’s strictly prohibited, in ALL OF LEIBTOUR ACCOMMODATIONS, to bring external guests not included in the reservation, either for a short visit or for sleeping with you. We will reserve the right to retain 100€/night for each guest not included in the booking. Also please note that we might check security cameras in hallways and reception lobbies in case of any dispute. Read our Terms & Conditions

What happens if I introduce external guests into the property?

Zero%20Tollerance - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza

When we refer to specific room or villa types on our website, the room you will receive will usually match one of the descriptions below: 

  • Double Rooms – a room with a double bed, or two single beds with double bedding.

  • Twin Rooms – a room with two single beds.

  • Single Rooms – a single room or “twin for sole use” room with 1 or 2 single beds.

  • Studios – one room living/sleeping accommodation with divan/sofa beds, basic kitchen facilities (usually 2 cooker rings and a fridge) and a shower room.

  • Apartments – self contained accommodation with one or more bedrooms with twin/double beds, basic kitchen facilities (usually 2 cooker rings and a fridge), a shower room, and occasionally a separate living space.

  • Sea/Pool View Rooms – please note these advertised room types may have a restricted view due to plants, trees or buildings.

  • Family Rooms – typically the same as the double and twin rooms and may not be larger. Room occupancies will be shown for individual properties and may vary in each destination.

  • Triple/Quadruple Rooms – some properties may have rooms that can sleep 3 or 4 people. Room layouts may vary but typically will consist of 3 or 4 separate beds or a combination of double, twin, camp, sofa or rollaway beds. In some properties extra beds may only be suitable for children. These rooms may not be any larger than twin or double rooms so space may be limited.

  • Premium/Superior Rooms- typically the same as double and twin rooms but may have additional or more luxurious amenities.

Visitor taxes and resort fees are never included in the room rates.

Valid only for direct reservations on leibtour.com –forget it if you don’t have a valid leibtour booking number

Free or reduced Guestlists and club entries are ALWAYS subject to availability. Choosing the option during booking does not guarantee any free or discounted entrance; it simply serves as a request for a quote or availability.

Check with your agent the event we work with and the dress code!

Every venue has different terms and conditions. Once you have signed up on the list, show up to the venue at the suggested time and check in at the club’s designated area for guest lists. Every nightclub and pool party has the option to use their guest lists differently. But the same basic benefits almost always apply. Women are free, and men are free or reduced.

Some clubs have a rule that for men to get in for free there needs to be an even ratio of men and women in the group, or more women than men.

In some parties wearing LeibTour.com merchandising (ex. t-shirt) is mandatory.

Usually no V.I.P. area are included in free guest lists.

If you are interested in our guest list you must select the option “CLUB ENTRIES” at time of booking.

However, if you are an AURUM ♕ CLUB MEMBER, you do not need to follow these rules.


Become an Aurum Club Member and elevate your Ibiza experience! Designed for our most valued guests, this membership unlocks after you’ve spent €100,000 on LeibTour.com

AURUM ♕ CLUB MEMBER is a membership created for the platform’s largest repeater guests.

2. Who can join?
Guests with €100,000+ in cumulative confirmed bookings receive an automatic invitation from our booking department.

3. What are the benefits?

As an esteemed member, you’ll get access to a free transfers and car hire, exclusive club guestlists (no VIP tables)

4. How do I get an invitation?
Achieve €100,000+ in cumulative bookings on LeibTour.com and we’ll invite you.

5. Can I share the benefits?
Benefits are non-transferable and for members only.

6. How long does it last?
Membership is ongoing as long as your bookings exceed €100,000.

Loyalty Rewards: Celebrate Milestones with Exclusive Perks

At the Aurum Member Club, we believe in rewarding your loyalty. That’s why we’ve designed a special Loyalty Rewards program to celebrate your membership anniversaries. On reaching the 1, 3, and 5-year marks, you unlock exclusive benefits that make your Ibiza experience even more magical.

I Year Anniversary (1)
Golden Getaway: Enjoy a complimentary 2-night stay in one of our partner luxury hotels in Ibiza. This offer includes breakfast and a welcome amenity to make your stay memorable.

III Year Anniversary (3)
Platinum Experience: Immerse yourself in a bespoke full-day yacht tour around Ibiza’s hidden gems, complete with a gourmet lunch and watersports activities. This is the perfect way to explore Ibiza in style.

V Year Anniversary (5)
Diamond Extravaganza: Indulge in a 5-day all-inclusive VIP experience. This includes top-tier accommodation, personal chauffeur service, VIP access to the island’s most exclusive clubs, and a personalized itinerary crafted just for you by our expert concierge.

These loyalty rewards are our way of saying thank you for making us your go-to travel partner in Ibiza. From complimentary stays to all-inclusive experiences, these anniversary perks ensure that you always have something extraordinary to look forward to ?

uoo8Ttk - LeibTour: TOP aparthotels in Ibiza   Are you planning your vacation to Ibiza? You are on the right website!

Thinking about escaping to the stunning beaches of Ibiza? You’ve come to the right place! At LeibTour, we specialize in making your vacation dreams a reality with our curated range of travel packages, known as Combo Deals. Take advantage of the chance to save up to 15% on your Ibiza holiday when you choose one of these special offers.

A Diverse Selection of Accommodations

Explore the best places to stay on the island, each handpicked for quality and comfort. We offer an array of accommodations, from stylish hotels and luxury villas to budget-friendly rooms and welcoming bed and breakfasts. If you’re planning an extended stay, we have both small and large apartments available for long-term rentals.

Tailored Quotes for Customized Experiences

Not sure what will suit you best? Just send us your request, and our dedicated team will promptly get back to you with a customized quote that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences.

Easy Access to the Enchanting Island of Formentera

Elevate your Ibiza experience with a quick getaway to the serene island of Formentera. With LeibTour, you can purchase your Formentera tickets at the most competitive prices—guaranteed!

Vehicle Rentals at Unbeatable Prices

Exploring Ibiza is a breeze with our competitively priced car and bike rental services. Roam the island at your own pace, without stressing over costs. We assure you the best fares in this, giving you value for every € spent.

So why wait? Dive into our Combo Deals and explore the myriad of lodging options that await you. With LeibTour, your Ibiza journey will be as seamless and enjoyable as you’ve always dreamed. Experience the ultimate Mediterranean escape, only with LeibTour!

Important informations for all non EU/EEA guests

  • +1% on credit card transactions: U.S issued cards and credit card payments are expensive, so this includes a small fee of 1% to cover our costs.
  • Travel with ease. Travel documents ready after 1 business day for Visa purpose. A human agent will send the documents via @ and not as usual by our system 2 days before the check-in.
  • At leibtour.com our international guests have access to the top interbank exchange rate for exchanging and making payments.
    • We reject the use of sneaky fees and rubbish exchange rates.

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We also work with the other travel agencies. We charge the whole commission for their service to the users. We don’t charge any service fee for direct reservations on LeibTour.

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Whether you want a few weeks or a short break in our gorgeous island, our round-the-clock team of travel experts can tailor a trip to your tastes, whatever the size of your budget.