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ROOMS SANITIZATION (in response to Covid-19)


The main purpose of LeibTour  is to offer its guests a room that is extremely clean, sanitized and decontaminated. For this reason, it was decided to implement the revolutionary ozone sanitization method for its rooms and common areas. They are all purified with each treatment, eliminating the bacterial load of the previous customers and restoring an uncontaminated environment, ready to welcome the new customer in total safety.

The sterilization system, imported from Italy, uses the unique powers of Ozone (certified worldwide), to sanitize environments in a natural, economic and ecological way.

Already used in situations where hygiene is vital, such as operating rooms, in the preservation of food products, in the purification of water, today with new technologies it is also possible to apply to our rooms to enhance the safety of our customers.

In a short time, through 40 minutes per room, it penetrates deeply into all the fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, towels), enters the air conditioning systems and the ventilation channels and all the drains destroying every microorganism that might be present.

Immediately after the use of ozone, the environment is completely sanitized, the area and surfaces are disinfected and sterilized, and it is always like being the first guest in the room.

Odors are also eliminated. In fact, the particles are naturally decomposed and replaced with pure oxygen.

The patented operating system (Tommesani SNC)  attacks the various organic compounds by oxidizing and inactivating them (mites, fungi, molds, viruses, bacteria…)

—> Ask us for the accommodation lists already sanitized <—

Exclusive offers

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-n° of actual reservations: +160 (in just 4 months)

– average online fare: 90€/night

– average LeibTour fare: 65€/night

– you save: 25€/night | 175€/week (less 28%)

– 1000+ excellent ratings (including TripAdvisor)

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Bright aparthotel in Santa Eulalia with amazing roof terrace.

Starting from 49€/Night

Budget holiday rooms with pool parties in the heart of the town of San Antonio

Starting from 39€/Night

Fully furnished rooms in Santa Eulalia.

Starting from 19€/Night

Holiday apartment with pool in Playa den Bossa. Top rated area!

Starting from 69€/Night

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best AIRBNB super host in ibiza over +50.000€ fees saved (2019)

You only pay the base fare

We are an agency based in Ibiza with direct contracts with local suppliers. We never add ridiculous fees and we don’t have small print on our website.

Bye Bye “parity rate”

Rate parity is a legal agreement between a hotel and the OTA (Booking. com, Expedia, etc) providing the same rates for the same room on all the distribution channels. In the case of OTAs – it provides the same rates on all the booking platforms as well as on the hotel’s own website. That means, the hotel has to have the same price for a room, no matter where the client books it and no matter the commission the hotel pays to the OTA. Thanks God (and thanks the EU) this scenario is changing. Today this Mafia it’s over!

“Numerus convenit”

Basically the custumer when booking through an OTA is paying the Base Price + The Service fee the OTA

Example: Accommodation price 1.000€ + Service fee 15%= FINAL PRICE 1.150€

Alternative and better methods to spend 150€:

  • 3/4 clubbing entrance
  • a couple classy dinner for 4 – YES! we know where
  • 5 tickets 3 way to visit Formentera – We have the best prices available
  • rent a car or a moto with Premium insurance
    and much more…

[Actual service fee]

[Commission service for Airbnb guests]

[Tripadvisor pricing ]

[HomeAway / VRBO cost of service for the guest]

Since 2005:

  • more than 10k guests each summer season
  • 26% repeater guests
  • 0 overbooking
  • +10k commisions paid to our partners and Web Travel Promoters

Useful links:

EU competition authorities

The French, Italian and Swedish Competition Authorities Accept the Commitments Offered by

EU, courts reshaping rate-parity landscape

Italy outlaws hotel rate parity is the largest accommodation agency in Ibiza. We are different! We are based on the island since 2005 and we can offer better fares (average prices are cheper than 15%) and service comparing any other website.


Thousand (soon millions) of guests trust in

Your safety is our #1 priority

Our in-depth knowledge makes it possible for us to make those perfect experiences a reality, by working together with professional local companies. Working together and growing together.

Also, as unforeseen events do happen, we have a team at your service and a specialized support service at your disposal, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables you to solve any problems or concerns before, during and after the trip.

Feedbacks and reputation are essential for our platform.

Full trasparency, worry Free! uses the last high tech antifraud and data security measures to keep your transactions and data safe.

Whether a guest uses a credit card, PayPal, bank transfer  or other form of payment, we handle everything, and ensure the security of personal details. Our booking engine is committed to the highest security standards as a Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider.

Safe and Secure Bookings - PCI DSS compliance | 100% Safe reservation

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Package travel and linked travel arrangements
As a holidaymaker booking a package holiday and/or linked travel arrangements, you benefit from a high level of consumer protection under EU rules. If you buy a package, you have well-defined rights before and throughout the booking process, and up until your holiday ends, for example the right to pre-contractual information, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of travel services included in your package and insolvency protection. These rights apply to packages purchased online or face-to-face, from a tour operator, travel agent, or any other trader that is acting as the organiser of the package. More limited rights apply to so-called “linked travel arrangements” (LTAs).

These rules do not cover stand-alone travel services (such as a flight or accommodation which are booked separately), certain types of business travel, packages sold on the basis of a framework agreement on an occasional, not-for-profit basis to a limited group of travellers, as well as packages lasting less than 24 hours unless they include accommodation.

Package travel – different types of packages give you the same rights
When you book a package holiday, you buy a combination of two or more different types of travel services for the same trip or holiday. These services can include transport, accommodation, car hire, or under specific conditions any other tourist service. Your package may be pre-arranged – consisting of a number of services combined by a tour operator or travel agent – or you may have a more customised package by choosing the services yourself before the contract is concluded. In both cases, EU rules apply as long as your travel package was purchased in a certain way.

What is package travel?
Your travel is considered as a package when:

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2. You book travel services under separate contracts with individual providers and one of the following conditions is met:

you buy services at a single point of sale (such as a travel agency, a call centre or a website) and you select the services before agreeing to pay, i.e. before you conclude the first contract. This is the case, for example, where different travel services are put into a shopping basket or are otherwise selected before a contract is concluded.
the services are sold to you at an inclusive or total price
the services were advertised/sold as a “package” or similar
travel services are combined after the conclusion of a contract under which you are entitled to choose from a selection of different travel services, for example a travel package gift box
Click-through package: you buy services from separate travel companies through a linked online booking process where the first company transmits your name, email address and payment details to the second company and the second contract is concluded within 24 hours of the first contract
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Sample story
Booking a package travel holiday
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Package travel – your right to clear and accurate information
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name and contact details of the organiser of the package and, where it is sold through a retailer, of the retailer
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information on passport and visa requirements
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How much is a cheap hotel in Ibiza?

We found double rooms in Ibiza for as cheap as €14 in the low season. The average price is €97.
The cheaper apartments situated in the central area of Ibiza Town are in Figueretas beach, studio flat for 2 people, one bedroom apartment for three or four people and two bedrooms apartments for larger groups of five or six people. This kind of property called BASIC is composed of an essential structure, without air conditioning and swimming pool, but furnished with everything you need to enjoy an excellent stay on the island of Ibiza saving money.

When To Go?

The peak holiday season in Ibiza is between June and August, when people from all over Europe flock to Ibiza to experience the world famous nightlife. This is also the hottest time of year, with temperatures reaching well into the 30s. If you are looking for a quieter holiday but still want sun, then September and October can be excellent times to visit.

Scooter / Car Hire

A great way to explore the island in the day time is on the back of a scooter.  You should definitely drive along the west coast of the island which has some beautiful quiet roads with amazing views of the sea. Hiring a bike is a great way to explore sleepy villages like Santa Agnès and San Rafael, though be warned – some of the terrain can be tricky!

Travel to Ibiza apartments

Ibiza Airport (IBZ – LEIB) is on the southern tip of the island, and can be reached from airports across Spain, Europe and the Balearic Islands. You can also reach Ibiza from the Spanish mainland by boat, with services from Barcelona and Valencia to San Antonio Harbour. There’s a good bus system across the island, with services running in some areas for almost 24 hours. Hire cars are perhaps the most convenient form of transport, although taxis are relatively affordable, especially if you’re travelling in a group.

Weather in Ibiza

Ibiza holiday villas are set on an island with a classic Mediterranean climate, which means warm or mild weather throughout the year. Summers are long, warm and dry, starting in May, with temperatures that reach well above 30 degrees in July and August. Spring and autumn weather is mostly comfortably warm, bringing highs in the high-teens or low-20s. October is the wettest month of the year, and is known for its storms. Winters are normally mild and clear, with a few days more rainfall per month than in the summer.

Daytrips to Formentera

Formentera’s known as Ibiza’s little sister island and it’s well within daytripping distance – the ferry ride takes just 30 minutes. The island’s beaches are the jewels in its crown. Bright-white sands with Blue Flag status are the norm. Conservation laws are strict here, too, so you won’t find any sprawling seaside restaurants. Instead, beach huts whip up seafood snacks and drinks. Plus, you can head inland for rustic markets and traditional eateries.

Nightlife and beyond

Ibiza might be known for being a bit of a party playground, but there’s more to this Balearic Island than big-name clubs and A-list DJs. Away from the nightlife-focussed resorts of San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa, it sings to a different tune.

Hidden Ibiza

Tranquillity seekers planning to leave their dancing shoes at home should head to the north of the island, to low-key resorts such as San Miguel or Portinatx. The north coast is also home to many calas (beaches) that lay all but empty, even during high season.
If you want to shake off the crowds entirely, find yourself a luxury Ibiza holiday villa in the interior of the island, where tiny hamlets, such as San Mateo and Santa Inés, remain stubbornly unchanged, paying no heed to the influx of tourists that swarm to the south.

Exploring sun-kissed Ibiza

Es Vedra
Reports of UFO sightings, unexplained magnetic fields, and resident nymphs have certainly piqued the interest of visitors who report a potent magical energy at Es Vedra. The sunsets are rather special too.

Cala Comte Beach
Once of the best spots for sunsets, Cala Comte offers fantastic views of the tiny islands along Ibiza’s coastline. Enjoy chill-out ambient music and cold beers in the beach bars.

Castle of Ibiza
An uphill walk along winding cobbled paths leads you up to this majestic 12th-century castle. Take in the striking architecture, and views of Ibiza’s harbour and coast.

Ibiza Old Town
The Old Town, or Dalt Vila, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses 2,500 years of history. Marvel at the cathedral and other historical gems, before dining in one of the quaint restaurants.

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Guests say

read what our lovely guests say about us!

“Very nice company and great people there! That’s when I’ve found Leib Tour.Excellent service! If we go to Ibiza again I’ll definitely contact them to find a place to stay!”


JUNE 2019

read what our lovely guests say about us!

“Highly reccomend staying here lovely clean spacious apartment, great location and the rooftop pool and sun area were brilliant! I would easily stay here again!”



read what our lovely guests say about us!

“Muy buena experiencia!!! Anfitriones muy amables y atentos, la casa muy limpia, ordenada y con detallitos para los huéspedes. Perfecto. Todo genial AAA+++”



read what our lovely guests say about us!

“Wonderful experience. The apartment was clean, comfortable and accurate to the listing. Maria was very kind and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say!”